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About Us

We, INLOKO – an Eastern European Logistics Company, offer our customers a full set of transport and shipping services in international transport of goods.

The head office of our company is located in Warsaw.

Our team is a group of young professionals, highly qualified in the field of transport and logistics, IRU Academy graduates, who are familiar with the markets and standards of Eastern and Western Europe. Each employee of ours speaks freely several foreign languages. Our office operates in Polish, Russian, English, French, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Romanian.
INLOKO clients are large international corporations, medium and small businesses in the European Union.

We guarantee scrupulous adherence of contracts terms, stability, respect and always high quality.

INLOKO is a company that applies the principles of quality management. We focus on implementation requirements of our customers, and so we constantly monitor these requirements, continuously improve our work and strive to improve the quality of our services.

Our main objective is to achieve long-term success through maximum satisfaction of the needs of our customers in respect of transport services.

Our main services

INLOKO organizes and executes international road transport using the most optimal logistic schemes. We offer:

Complete transport of cargo

Depending on the required conditions of transport, cargo dimensions (mass, volume, controlled temperature, special transport conditions and other requirements) we select the optimal route and mode of transport.

Status of the load is controlled by us at every stage of the transport, delivery proceeds according to the “door to door” system, constant monitoring is conducted using GPS navigation, cellular and satellite networks.

Transport of mixed cargo

INLOKO’s well-organized system, which is present in the European Union, enables efficient transport of “mixed cargo”, which allows for the transport of small lots of cargo on international routes without having to order a whole vehicle.

Handling and storage, cargo consolidation

We operate on a variety of platforms. We offer customized solutions depending on current needs. If necessary, we handle cargo without storage (from one means of transport to another), handling and storage of goods and reloading with consolidation of the goods for the receiver.

  • Cargo handling (marking, labeling, preparation of transport documentation and organization of customs clearance)
  • cargo insurance
  • Quality control and risk assessment reports, surveoyr’s reports
  • Consulting services in matters connected veterinary licensing, plant health, phytosanitary and veterinary certificates, neutralization
  • Certification/declaration of conformity
  • Comprehensive third party logistics (3PL)
  • Consultancy in matters connected with export-import transactions and procedures
  • Legal Aid and Settlement of conflicts with the transport of goods in international transport.
We have exceptional
qualifications and opportunities

Special loads are our specialty

Special loads – an unique field of our experience and competence. This term covers all loads (goods and products) that require special (sometimes exceptional) transport conditions. Depending on your needs: heat-insulating or cooling.

The delivery of cargo, regardless of their type, is supervised by the department of specialists with many years of experience, possessing the necessary knowledge in TSL. In order to place an order for the carriage of cargo (or obtain information about the rate), please place a telephone order, report to our office or contact us via e-mail.

Some other types of cargo, serviced by INLOKO are:

Groupage loads

For general cargo transport, we use road trains with curtain semi-trailers, with removable tarpaulin or fixed roof, capacity 20 t, volume 86-92 m3, flatbed semitrailers, tandem kits with a volume of up to 120m3, high-load semi-trailers and 3000 mm load height. oversized and heavy.

Connected loads

In the set of combined loads, INLOKO delivers loads from 1 m3 and more. This variant of delivery makes it possible to transport several batches of goods ordered by different companies and intended for different recipients by one means of transport. In this way, we can offer a better price for transporting each single load.

Dangerous goods

Class 2, 3, 4.1, 4.3, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 dangerous goods. For the transport of dangerous goods, we use means of transport equipped with ADR sets and permits to carry dangerous goods.

We apply the principles of quality management in practice. We are focused on meeting the needs of our clients, that’s why we constantly monitor these requirements, constantly improve our work and strive to improve the quality of our services. So far, we have transported over 2 million tons of cargo for our customers over the past 10 years. We thank our clients for trust and cooperation. At the same time, we invite all countries for whom the term “transport” is a reason for stress. For us it is a daily bread.


We have all the necessary and required documents, certificates and licences.

Experience, competences and… documentation are part and parcel of our everyday business.
We do our job in accordance with the latest standards of logistics on the basis of certificates, licenses and insurances.
All the documents required by the International Law entitling us to offer you transportation services on the best level are available below


The right logistics chain and professional service are benefits for us and our Clients.

We can, on behalf of the client, carry out tasks related to the organization of logistics by offering a service called “third party logistics” (3PL), thanks to which our clients get the opportunity to focus on their core business without engaging their own resources to carry out the task.

As part of the INLOKO logistics chain

  • organizes transport of full or partial loads from shippers to logistic centers – warehouses of INLOKO in Poland,
  • performs quality control of the goods in accordance with the standards agreed with the customer, marking and labeling of loads,
  • completes loads according to the needs of customers
  • performs consolidation and redirection
  • prepares export documentation
  • provides import customs clearance
  • delivers cargo to the destination specified by the customer.

As a provider of comprehensive logistics services, INLOKO offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • the opportunity to observe subsequent stages of delivery of goods and performance of orders
  • reduction of operating costs and administrative expenses
  • reduction of operational and administrative costs
  • reduction of working capital due to the reduction of the amount of inventory,
  • the ability to accurately calculate expenses for logistics
  • improving the quality and increasing the availability of products, the level of customer service, reducing the size of investments and increasing the profitability of the plant
  • The possibility of unlimited focus on the development and growth of core business

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